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Heda Matiejunas


Heda lives by the belief that painting is like meditation for the heart and soul: we lose ourselves in the things we love, and we find our innermost yearnings there as well.


Heda graduated from the competitive Industrial School for Art Design in Kosice, Czechoslovakia, one of 30 students in the country that year, to complete the program. Socialism required students to work immediately upon graduation, so Heda landed a job as a graphic design artist applying her foundation skills to art in everyday living. She hand-designed wallpaper motifs, labels, vignettes, wedding invitations, and packaging for mass production, and delighted to see her creations on store shelves in her town.


Always seeking life fulfillment, but without family or friends, Heda immigrated to the United States in 1995 and set about learning English. In 2004, while working full-time as  a caretaker for the elderly in the private sector, Heda earned a certificate in Print Media and Prepress. Focusing on the spirit and personality of each person, she began drawing portraits from photo pictures. In 2008, under the supervision of local artist Paul Cassale, she immersed herself in working with oil paint media, and gained confidence in portrait painting. She has studied painting of still life under Patty Nebbeling, and currently is attending the South Avenue Arts Studio, expanding her skills under Mark Saegel and Rick Perez in Ridgewood Art Institute


Heda works primarily with pencil and oil, continuing to learn other media, and seeks commissioned work. Her subject matter includes still life, landscapes, florals, animals, and nautical themes. 


Heda’s wish is to reflect humanity and passion and to work with rich, rewarding and flamboyant colors. In this way, she feels that she will portray her creative imagination and make up for lack of expression in her homeland where she was limited to use of drab, and gray hues. 


Every person has a different opinion of what is beautiful and likeable, and what is not. 

Come! Take a look for yourself.

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